Wealth Watchers is a Certified Housing Development Organization (CHDO) dedicated to providing communities with the highest quality of housing opportunities. Wealth Watchers believes that one of the keys to a viable community is having housing options that are affordable, well built, energy efficient and conducive to a healthy environment. Wealth Watchers offers many diverse types of housing, including:

  • Affordable single- and multifamily rentals
  • New construction for homeownership
  • Renovation for homeownership

Whether through ownership or rental, housing is far more than just a roof over your head. A home is the place where people live their lives, raise their children, share time with their loved ones, enjoy the company of friends and build their dreams. Stable housing is the beginning of many other positive outcomes in people’s lives because it makes an impact on their optimism and educational outcomes while enhancing stability.

Carrie Davis, President of Wealth Watchers Inc. States “Wealth Watchers is committed to working with residents and other stakeholders to help build communities where citizens can live, work, play and receive a good educate their children. Therefore it is imperative that all communities have access to jobs that pay living wages, quality and affordable housing, recreational space and good schools”.

Wealth Watchers Inc. partners with other community organizations to ensure that all citizens have access to the resources they need in order to improve their quality of life and to improve the community in which they live.

Wealth Watchers Inc. believes in a sound, safe and stable community.  If you have problems in your community, Wealth Watchers Inc. is a secure place to forward your concerns.  All information is confidential and you will not be contacted unless you request to be.  Please mail all community concerns or problems to Wealth Watchers Inc. 5310 Lenox Ave, Unit 4, Jacksonville, FL 32205. Or if you feel that a issue requires law enforcement intervention click on the following Jacksonville Sheriff Office link (JSO)

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